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Here you can find a lot of the original Emax sound banks in the form of EMX disk images. This collection has been created and indexed by Diego Hernán Pérez.  Originally, these banks were located here, on a free hoster's slightly problematic webspace. In cooperation with Diego, we've copied them to - no pop-under windows and no pressing web space limitations here :-)

Since some of the .zip files contained additional stuff at the end that triggered false alarms by quite some virus checkers (hey, these are DATA files, and not even for a PC!), I've re-zipped them all so that these spooky virus warnings should be a thing of the past.

Mail me if you have any problem, question, suggestion or if you have some of the banks that aren't currently available here.

Here's Diego's original text:

E-mu Systems Factory Sample Library for the Emax

The Emax banks are in zipped EMX format for the PC. This means the Emax sample diskette has been converted on a PC to a special EMX format, which has then been compressed as a ZIP file.To use these sample downloads, you need a copy of the EMX program for the PC. It is a DOS program which will runs ok in Windows 95/98 (DOS mode, not DOS window). [HS: and no, it won't run correctly under XP! It really got to be DOS! If you haven't got a PC that's old enough, check out FreeDOS.] It will create Emax I and II diskettes by writing the unzipped files to a blank diskette in your PC diskette drive. It also read Emax I and II OS and sample diskettes, and write them to your hard drive.


  • 24-01-2003: Banks ZD753, ZD761, ZD778, ZD785, ZD786.
  • 27-01-2003: Banks ZD779, ZD780, ZD801, and ZD822.
  • 13-11-2003: Banks ZD828, ZD829, ZD830, ZD831, ZD832, and ZD834.
  • 30-08-2006: Banks ZD741, ZD754, ZD758, ZD764, ZD770, ZD773, ZD776, ZD787, and ZD789.


Thanks to:

  • The Emulator Archive from whereI got the original banks.
  • who saves me a lot of typing.
  • Emax Yahoo Group, from where I got more files and tips.
  • Matt Ferrari for banks ZD753, ZD805 and ZD810.
  • Greg Easley for banks ZD761, ZD778, ZD779, ZD780, ZD785, ZD786, ZD801 and ZD822.
  • Tobias Koeppe for banks ZD828, ZD829, ZD830, ZD831, ZD832, and ZD834.
  • David Sotnick for banks ZD741, ZD754, ZD758, ZD764, ZD770, ZD773, ZD776, ZD787, and ZD789.

Last update: 03/07/04